Some of the things I do when I’m not blogging……

Cooking Class

 Marilyn Byer 

ATT_1432584826013_0519151605b                                                                        0519151610b

Teaches…Elegant Foods and Presentations


French Vanilla Blackberry Tarlets


Salmon or Chicken in Puff Pastry


Parisian Smoked Turkey and Gruyere en Croute


Smoked Salmon annd Caviar Cups

Line Dancing Social

Dance Instructor


SOCIAL11.143194452_large     FullSizeRender (2)     IMG_4395     SOCIAL10.143194404_large

SOCIAL02.143194210_large       SOCIAL08.143194327_large          peterred.181193930_std

SOCIAL04.143194239_large         0524151757a     0524151801a           IMG_4399   0524151804


IMG_4401  IMG_4411  IMG_0820ATT_1432582588458_0524151753a



Sunset w 1 bird  0530150734b  0502151324 (1)  2014-11-24 09.54.55

Clouds  2014-11-24 12.18.56  2014-11-27 10.12.46  0502151322



staring contest

9 thoughts on “Activities

  1. Jessie, Your paintings are great. It’s really nice to be involved in a lot of activities. Love to hear more about your cooking class and line dancing.


    • Thank you! The cooking classes are offered once a month and each time there is a particular category. The one I attended last month was what and how to cook with Puff Pastry. I learned a lot and it is a lot of fun. The food is not only pleasing to the eye, but very delicious. I line dance four days a week..usually two hours in one class..Thursday’s I attend two classes. The instructors teach you the sequence for each dance. If you have not line danced before, you attend a beginner classes and learn all the different type of steps that are involved in line dancing. There are hundreds of line dances…we concentrate on the ones that are most popular, then that will change, so we learn whatever becomes next. As you can tell, I really enjoy this and you meet a lot of people this way while having fun. The classes are held in the different recreation centers in the community and there are numerous ones. We have a line dancing social at least six times a year.

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