Mini Series

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

 Weekly Continued mini series:

CHAPTERS  1 to 14 …..


Chapter 1….PACT      

Garnet and Damon stood by the large castle window.  This was the place they stood to reinforce their pact to each other every day.

Now, after six years of captivity they were still fighting for their freedom. Having been kidnapped by Mr. Marshall when they were eight years old, they knew very little about the real world.  Their world consisted of constant training to fight, and they were soon to be assigned their first mission.

Even at the young age of eight they knew they didn’t want to be forced into the militia. On the first day of their captivity they made a secret pact between them.  It was to be strong, learn everything they could and prepare to use that knowledge against their captor.

They stared down at the lifeless body of Mr. Marshall and neither of them had even an ounce of remorse!




Garnet and Damon were walking down the hill when someone told them to turn around.  They turned around and were held at gunpoint.  They recognized two men from the militia group; Crazy Eddie and Cross-Eyed Jack.

Crazy Eddie ordered them to get in the white van parked on the side of the road. He told them they were not getting away with killing Mr. Marshall.

Garnet told him Mr. Marshall caused his own death.  He came charging towards them with a pole expecting them to stand still like they had to do during training.  However, that time they stepped aside just as he approached them.  He crashed through the plate glass window and fell to his death.

Garnet and Damon gave each other the “eyeball signal“, then as fast as a speeding bullet, Garnet kicked Crazy Eddie in the head at the same time Damon kicked Cross-Eyed Jack in the head.

Garnet and Damon escaped before Crazy Eddie recovered the gun he dropped.


Garnet and Damon found the perfect place to hide from the militia group.

As a result of the militia training, mentally they were grown men, but in reality they were still kids. They had to earn money for food, housing and stay hidden for a while. Before they were kidnapped, they always entertained the neighborhood children with their comical acts. Clowning around came natural to them.

The clown house was quite unique.  The hand served as a hallway leading into the house. Each ear was a bedroom and the eyes were windows.  The nose was used for storage.  The mouth was a living-room and kitchen area with teeth-like curtains.  There was a red carpet shaped like a tongue and in the back of the head was a small bathroom.

They had an ideal camouflage house, camouflage work, and earned enough income to live off of.

Chapter 4…RELIVING

Garnet and Damon stood by the mailboxes staring at the house.  The moment Garnet glanced over at Damon, he knew for certain that they had found the right house.

Damon’s face was wet from his tears as he looked at the two small wind chimes hanging from the porch.  He was vividly reliving his kidnap that took place eight years ago.

He was abruptly awakened when a large hand clamped over his mouth and nose.  He struggled for breath and his heart was fiercely pounding as he was taken from the room.  He was rapidly kicking his feet, but became restrained even more tightly.  He heard the faint sound of his favorite wind chimes for the last time.

That was the night his childhood was carelessly tossed aside and replaced by a very rigorous life in the militia.




Chapter 5…REMINDER

Garnet had not persuaded Damon to stay away from the house where the kidnapping took place.  It had been vacant for over five years.  The pain on Damon’s face was agony.

Garnet read an article on the library’s computer stating the owners had sold the house.  They were so distraught over the kidnapping, they could not continue living in their house which held such intense memories of that tragic night.

They had only kept a framed photo after the house was sold.  It was an elegant picture of a large bird flying in front of lush, green mountains.  The photo was taken from the deck of a cruise ship the family was on. It was their last vacation together, and the photo was a reminder of all the extraordinary experiences the family had.


Chapter 6…MESSAGE

Damon and Garnet arrived at Millbra train station and as they stepped on the platform there was a small pigeon sitting in front of them.

To Damon and Garnet it was a message for them.  They had arrived to the town where they should settle down.  They traveled from town to town for ten years.

While having lunch in a small restaurant, they met a young woman named DeeGee. She told them her real name was Donna Georganna.  Her parents liked calling her DeeGee because it reminded them of her twin brothers who were missing for sixteen years and it gave them comfort to call her DeeGee.

When they asked her what her last name was, she said Taylor. Damon and Garnet drew in a large breath of air, looked at each other with raised eyebrows and questionable eyes as they wondered if this young woman was possibly , just possibly, their sister!



DeeGee and Marla sat on the back porch watching the sunset.  It was a beautiful night and the sun was filtering through the trees and reflecting on the pond.

Marla asked about the two super attractive men DeeGee was talking to at the restaurant.  DeeGee told her they were new in town and had arrived on the five o’clock train.  They had seemed genuinely interested in her and had asked a lot of questions. She just felt comfortable talking with them.  They reminded her so much of her parents. She had given them her nickname and her real name.

Marla told her she should tell her parents about these strangers, but DeeGee absolutely refused to since her parents were always so protective of her.  She told Marla it was time for her to make her own decisions about who her friends, or boyfriends would be.

She laughed at the possibility of maybe one day marrying someone with the same last name as hers.



Chapter 8…BOAT RIDE      

DeeGee told Marla she would tell her parents about the two strangers when they returned from their vacation.

Austin and Rose, DeeGee’s parents, had agreed to take their friend’s niece and nephew to a small island near the mainland.  He had gotten sick and was unable to take them so he hired someone who owned a boat to transport them back home.

The morning of the trip was gorgeous with the sun reflecting on the water causing it to look like crystal glass, and there were small rippling waves. The clouds looked like gigantic white marshmallows.

The following day, their friend, Bob had not heard from them, but had received an urgent message from the children’s parents telling him that the children had not returned home yet.

Bob immediately tried to contact the boat owner, only to find out that the owner was reported missing.




Damon, DeeGee, Garnet and Marla had gone to the park.  They were enjoying a picnic as they watched the five little ducks waddle around. They had become good friends during the weeks that DeeGee’s parents were on vacation.

Damon and Garnet had not told DeeGee about the possibility of them being her brothers.  They had planned to tell her after her parents returned home from vacation.

They were just leaving the park when DeeGee received a call from her parents friend, Bob.  He told her the devastating news of her parents having gone missing.

They immediately set up a plan to help her find her parents.

Garnet realized the attraction Damon and DeeGee had for each other and he had cautioned Damon to not get too involved.  Nevertheless, Damon had insisted that he be the one to take  DeeGee to Bob’s house to find out more information about her missing parents.


Chapter 10… TELEGRAM

DeeGee and Damon met in the Gazebo where it was quiet. She told him she had received a telegram shortly before meeting him.

They looked at each other and she was shaking as she tried to open the envelope.  He reached over and covered his hands over hers so they could open it together.

The message said her parents and two children had been rescued and transported to a hospital in Honolulu. The boat they were in had capsized and the owner was  missing, but his body was found two days later.

Damon and DeeGee took the next airline flight going to Honolulu.  As she leaned her head against his shoulder he kept trying to comfort her with reassuring words that her parents would be o.k.

His shoulder was damp from her tears and he was fighting back his own tears with gnawing pain while recalling Garnet’s warning to guard his feelings toward her.

Chapter 11…HONOLULU

Damon and DeeGee arrived in Honolulu.  They met John, DeeGee’s parent’s friend, in the coffee shop.

John told DeeGee that her father was in a medically induced coma and her mother had suffered a stroke.  This is all the information the doctors gave him.  They were waiting for DeeGee to arrive.

Damon rented a car and after thanking John for meeting with them, he and DeeGee left to go to the hotel.  They had to wait until the next day to go to the hospital.

Shortly before reaching the hotel they passed a beautiful stone church with a large black bell. DeeGee said it looked like the one she attended at home.

They arrived at the hotel, got the keys to their rooms and while waiting for the elevator Damon spotted a man pretending to read a newspaper.  The man was watching DeeGee’s every move.  He quickly turned his head away each time he saw Damon look in his direction.  Damon had an uneasy feeling about this man.

Chapter  12….  REUNION

DeeGee looked out the hotel window and saw a group of students on the beach.   It reminded her of the days she spent at the beach with her parents.  She desperately wanted to see them, but had to stay at the hotel because of a migraine headache.

Damon entered the hospital room and saw his mother for the first time in over fourteen years.  She was thin, pale and looked very weak.  She looked at him with questionable eyes.

His mother cried and tried to reach out to Damon with trembling hands.  She was saying my son, my son!

Even after fourteen years she knew in her heart that Damon was her son.  He resembled the little boy he once was, and had grown up to become a man.

Damon reached for his mother and took her in his arms.  His tears were heavy on his eye lashes and he blinked them away, but they kept falling on his lashes.  He gently rocked her back and forth as she joined him with tears of joy as they comforted each other.

Chapter 13…DEEGEE

Damon was looking at the gigantic fish tank that was in the hotel cafe.  He was thinking how carefree the fish looked as they glided through the water effortlessly.

The man he had seen before was sitting behind him with his newspaper. He was salivating as he looked toward the door.  Damon followed the direction of the man’s eyes and saw DeeGee. She was wearing a sundress, her auburn hair was flowing over her shoulders in waves, her eyes were sparkling, and her skin looked like silk.  She had a very radiant glow on her face. He swallowed hard and stood up to go to her.

Damon paid the bill while DeeGee went back to her room for her cell phone. The man with the newspaper had gone.  Damon decided to wait until they were alone before telling her that they were brother and sister.

DeeGee thought the elevator was too slow so she decided to take the stairs back down.

Damon notified hotel security when DeeGee never showed up!


Garnet and Marla had arrived the next day.

Damon and Garnet had an emotional visit with their parents.  Their father was out of the coma and was gradually recovering.

Their mother sensed the strong emotional connection between Damon and DeeGee.  During their conversation Damon and Garnet received a call from the police.

The investigation of DeeGee’s disappearance had turned intense.  There was a serial killer in the area.  Three women with hair color blond, brunette, and black had been found with newspaper stuffed down their throat and a piece placed across their body.  Each victim was found at a different hotel.

The service supervisor of the hotel DeeGee was staying at had not been questioned.  She had gone to her parent’s ranch to help them with their horses for a few days.  She was returning to work within a few hours.

DeeGee was trapped in a tiny apartment.  She spent her time reading a book she found in the room, praying diligently, and banging on the iron door with a pot in hopes that someone would hear her.

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