liebsterawardI am delighted and honoured to have been nominated for this award by:  Millie Thom                      I thank her for thinking of me and urge you to take a look at her blog, if you don’t already do so.


First, here are the rules:

1. Thank the person/people who nominated you by providing a link to their blog in your Liebster Award post.

2. Give 11 random facts about yourself.

3. Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.

4.  Nominate 11 other blogs that have 200 followers or less.

5.  Ask your nominees 11 questions of your own.

Eleven random facts about myself:

1.  When I was six years old my mother baked me a birthday cake. I invited all my neighborhood friends to come have a piece. I was not having a party, so I made my own!

Jessie's 6th birthday

Jessie’s 6th birthday


 2.   I smoked cigarettes when I was six years old. I would pick out the cigarette butts from the ashtrays and would go into the woods behind our house with my sister and our friends to smoke them. (I can honestly say, “I never inhaled”!)  This practice lasted about a week and we got tired of playing grown-ups. I have never smoked since, and have never had a desire to.

3.   I learned to drive a car in one week , then got my drivers license at age 15.  My sister paid for driving lessons for me. I was allowed to drive in the county, where we lived, but had to wait until I was 16 to drive in the city. (Crazy law!) When I took the test, I rested my arm on the door thinking it looked cool!  However, the officer that rode with me deducted five points from my overall score because of it, so I ended up with a 95. I learned to drive a car with an automatic transmission and we had a standard shift, so I drove around my neighborhood until I could work the clutch without the car jerking.

4.   I use to make small crafts from wood by using a band saw.  I decided to build something big so I went to Home Depot where there was a small display of a gazebo. I looked under it, drew pictures of the hardware that I would need, then went to the bends and picked them out. I drew a plan, bought the lumber and nails, etc.   My husband used a circular saw to trim off the sides of the floor so all boards would be even, ( I was afraid of it and I hated the loud noise) and my daughter helped me put the fiberglass on for the roof. I did everything else.


5.  I grew up near a beach and spent a lot of time there, but I never learned to swim. (taking swimming lessons is on my “bucket list”)  🙂

6.  I have always loved horses and wanted to ride them. I took western style lessons at age 60. My goal was to enter some horse shows and win a ribbon. I entered some shows and won 2 ribbons.

ATT_1432263190893_0521151940a (1)

7.   I worked at a bank for 15 years in various departments. One job was as a consumer loan collector. I sent letters, made phone calls, went to the customers house to collect money, and repoed vehicles. If it was a new vehicle I had the dealership make me a key. A co-worker would drive me to the place where I knew the vehicle would be and I would drive it back to the bank. One time the customer was at work and the co-worker talked to him while I got into his vehicle to drive it away. He saw me through a window and came running out. I had locked the vehicle as soon as I got in and was trying to figure out how to get the seat moved forward. It was a five speed sports car and I needed to work the clutch. I did not have time to move the seat, so I slid down in the seat so I could reach the pedals and I drove the car away before the customer reached the car. I don’t know how tall he was, but he must have had some very long legs! I could barely reach the pedals. I drove to the nearest phone booth (back then there were no cell phones) so I could report the repossession to avoid being pulled over by a police officer. Then, I adjusted the seat so I could drive it back to the bank safely.

8.   I love to paint pictures and draw. I keep a sketch book that I use for random drawings and another one for drawing cartoons.  I’ve never taken lessons. I just paint and draw for pleasure.

9.   I have helped raise our three children and all of them have grown up to become responsible adults. We taught them many things and of course, they certainly taught us a lot of things. Each one was different and there was no manual to use for raising children!


10.  The avatar on my blog site was taken last year on our 50th wedding anniversary. We went to Hawaii to celebrate.    50 years , 50th state


11.   I recently started my blog site after thinking about it for several years. I am enjoying publishing my posts and communicating with other bloggers.

Here are the questions for me to answer:

1.    What are the main types of posts you write and what type of blogs do you enjoy reading yourself?  Most of my posts are fictional stories and relate to a photo challenge. I enjoy reading the fictional stories that other bloggers write. It’s amazing how many different stories can be derived from the same photo. I enjoy reading blogs with stories of all kinds, factual information, personal experiences, creative ideas, humor of all kinds, and anything that is unusual.

2.    Do you have a particular time of day when you do your blogging and how often do you generally aim to post?  I do not have a set schedule for posting, however, I try to join the photo challenges each week if I can.  I prefer total silence when I write, unless I already have a rough draft done, then I enjoy listening to some type of easy listening music. I often jott down ideas during the day, but if I find them to be real impressive, I just make a mental note of them and formulate them later.

3.    Have you a particular genre you like to read or watch on TV/movies, and are there any genres that you would void at all costs? I watch very little TV, but do keep up with the news each day.  I’ve always loved movies..on TV or the threatre.  I like all kinds except for the horror ones or the ones with actors that seem to have the knowledge of just a few words that are always repeated over and over. I enjoy reading novels and biographies. I love reading very lengthy novels because I have a tendency to put myself in the book and the characters become a part of my life and although I want to find out how the story ends, at the same time, I hate to have it end because I’m enjoying knowing the characters!  This, however, does guide me to the other books that the author has written.

4.    What would be your ideal holiday destination?  I would enjoy going on a snow skiing trip since I have never been skiing or a horse pack trip in southwest Montana to ride in the forested mountain ranges to see all the wild flowers, elk, deer, moose, antelope, and other wildlife natural habitat, and sleeping under the stars.

5.    What is your biggest goal in life at the moment?  My goal is to just enjoy life to the fullest.  Our children are grown and we live in a very active adult community.  There are dozens of clubs to join, sports, various events and entertainment shows, dancing (mine is line dancing to all kinds of music) and socializing with friends.  Also, there are numerous opportunities to meet new friends, and take various interesting courses at the community college.

6.    What is your favorite type of music? Do you have any favorite performers(s)?  I enjoy listening to rock and roll, easy listening, smooth jazz, contemporary country, celtic, and some Italian opera(I do not know the language, but it can be beautiful and emotional to listen to.)  I love to see Celine Dion perform.

7.    Do you have a favorite musical instrument and do you play anything yourself?  The saxaphone is my favorite instrument.  I do not play an instrument, however, I did take saxaphone lessons many years ago.  I played the curved soprano saxophone.

8.    To what extent are you influenced by fashion in your choice of clothes?  I’m not really influenced by fashion.  I choose clothes that fit well and what I believe look good and are comfortable as well as suitable for the occasion. I love wearing dress booths and hats in the winter months.

9.    Describe your ideal meal/venue for a meal on a special occasion or night out.  I prefer dinning in a quiet restaurant with soft light or candlelight. (a small restaurant with easy listening music would be ideal) I prefer steak, or some type of Italian food.

10.    When you were a child, what did you want to be when you ‘grew up’?  I wanted to be a singer, however, I would not have been able to perform because I have never had the proper voice for it and I put my heart and soul into the song, and if it is emotional I have a tendency to tear up.  I have always whistled, hummed, or sang around the house and I use to do it at work too. It’s my way of enjoying whatever I’m doing, keeps me from thinking of other things, and keeps me calm and I just love the tunes. My mother use to do this all the time and our granddaughter does it as well.

11.    Now the biggie:  What do you think of ‘Game of Thrones’ (book or TV series)? This seems to be a popular discussion point at the moment!  I can not comment on it because I have not read the book or watched the TV series.  I might add though, it is the type of TV series that I would enjoy watching with my husband, but would probably not watch it alone. It’s not that I couldn’t watch it alone, it’s just that it would be more enjoyable if I watched it with him.  The same applies to movies at theatres…we go to most of them together, then there are some that I’m really not interested in and vice versa…and we see those with our friends.

Finally, these are my nominees:

Writers Abode

any1mark66’s blog






2 thoughts on “LIEBSTER AWARD

  1. I’m amazed that I missed your excellent post, Jessie. Did you link to my blog to let me know you’d posted? You have written some really great answers, and it’s so nice to know more about you and your likes and hobbies – and about your lovely family. Congratulations on reaching your 50th wedding anniversary! ours is only 45 years in October. How wonderful to have celebrated it in Hawaii, too. I’m so glad I noticed the Liebster logo while I was reading your story (FFfAW). I found it a really long award post to do. Most of the others are a lot shorter, thank goodness. 🙂


  2. I’m sorry I did not get a notice to you. I had inserted your site, but I guess it should have been a ping back so you would get notice. I’ve been doing that just recently. One day I will be able to take the blogging course but I have too many time restraints to follow through with all of it right now. Strange..but I found your comment on my Kindle, yet when I pulled it up on my computer I don’t see it on the site or a way to comment for that post since it was a while ago. In fact , I’m typing this on my Kindle. One day I will learn how to navigate everything. I’ve learned a lot and a good deal of it was asking questions and by trial and error.
    Thank you so much for the wonderful compliment and the congrats on our anniversary. My getting the information for responding to the award was very easy compared to finding the names for the nominees and how to do it. I may have done that part wrong. I had two people nominate me for awards about the same time and I had to regretfully decline. It was too time consuming to get the names and get it set up. A lot of names I brought up already had the award so I had to keep looking. I have yet to put the Creative Blogger Award posted in my site . I managed to get the Liebster Award on it but not the other. I don’t see a category for that on my sidebar. I managed to get the photo gallery set up but that’s all. I’m trying to learn everything and keep up with the posting at the same time. It’s a slow process, but I will get there one day! I won’t quit trying .
    Thanks again for your comments and support. 😃


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