“The Ride”


It was a perfect day to spend some time exploring their new hometown.  The Martin’s had moved into their new home, but had been unable to do anything except move furniture around, unpack dozens of boxes and make trips to the local home improvement store for various items. 

Unfortunately, the day turned out to be anything but perfect!  John , Arlene and their son, Tommy, left home shortly after breakfast and drove to the amusement park.  They wanted to let Tommy enjoy some of the children’s rides since he had been spending most of his time entertaining himself while they unpacked boxes.

Tommy was jumping up and down, smiling from ear to ear, while running from one ride to another. He seemed to have more energy than the Energized Bunny!  They decided to let him ride the rolling cars before leaving since there was a threat of rain and the wind had begun to get a little stronger.

Just as the ride started in motion, it had begun to rain and there was very loud thunder and a sudden flash of lighting. People were running in all directions to get cover from the rain.  The operator of the car ride slowed it down, but it was still moving. There was a sudden sound of metal crushing. The cars had jumped the track and a few children had been thrown out.

John and Arlene were frantically looking for Tommy and they found him half hanging out of the car.  He was bleeding and unconscious.

The medics had arrived very quickly and carefully put Tommy on a stretcher while John and Arlene helplessly stood by watching. Arlene rode in the ambulance with Tommy to the hospital while John followed in his car.

John and Arlene were pacing the floor in the emergency room while waiting for the doctor to come tell them about Tommy’s condition.

Forty-five minutes passed before the doctor came out and told them Tommy had suffered a severe head injury.  Tommy would recover, but he would need to stay in the hospital for several days.  The accident was extremely traumatic for him.

A week passed before John and Arlene were able to take Tommy home with them.  He had recovered fairly well, but was not talking like he was  before the accident. He hardly spoke at all and he didn’t seem to want to communicate with them very much.

The doctor had suggested John and Arlene contact an agency that had comfort dogs. The dogs had been trained to help people overcome their traumatic experiences by keeping the patient calm and bonding with them.

The first few times when Tommy’s comfort dog came to visit him, he did not respond, however, eventually he began to look forward to the visits. He was relaxed and really enjoyed each visit. He also began to talk more and became more active.

Tommy made a full recovery from his injuries and the traumatic experience,  and John and Arlene were so grateful to have Tommy talking non-stop once again. It was like music to their ears.

Copyright © 2015 Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “THE RIDE

  1. A really great story. Poor Tommy! I love how animals like dogs can be such a help to humans. Yesterday I read they look for more love from humans and are more drawn to us for love even then each other. I’m glad they helped Tommy.


  2. A very traumatic time for both Tommy and his parents. It’s strange how people who have suffered such deeply disturbing events can be helped back to normality through contact with animals. A lovey story, Jessie. 🙂


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