It was very late at night and I was just beginning to close the vegetable store.  I had turned off all the lights when I heard a lot of conversation going on.  It startled me!  At first I thought it was my imagination, but the conversation I heard got louder and everyone seemed to want to talk at the same time.

It sounded like some type of plot to gang up on someone.  I was careful not to disturb them because I needed to find out as much information as I could.

This is what I heard….Alright, since I am in charge of this group, I want to make sure everyone is here.  Everyone will incorporate together.  Do all family members agree?  Yes! Yes!  O. K., Tom your family will come in first, Paul, yours will be next, then the Garret family, Coen, Owen, Sel, and the Base family.  Then, we will have some of Saul’s family and a few of Grounds’s family.  Giant, you will be in charge of making sure everyone blends together real well.  If everyone works together you will be out of here by tomorrow afternoon.  As for me, I will stay and work with the next group of families.

I was quite intrigued with what I heard.  I needed to find out who was doing all of this, and what were they actually going to do.

Tall, was the spokesperson.  I thought that was a strange name for someone.  He told everyone to give their full name before entering his pot.

Now, things really got “heated up” as I heard all the family member names!  There was Tom Tomato, Paul Potato, Garret Carrot, Coen Corn, Owen Onion, Sel Celery, Base Basil, Saul Salt, Ground Pepper and then Giant Spoon.

Wow!  I knew right then that it was the Soup People, and surprisingly enough, I woke up from my dream feeling very hungry!


Vegetable Soup Video:

Copyright © 2015  Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

5 thoughts on “FAMILIES

  1. Love the story, Jessie. it had me wondering for a while. although I expected some kind of twist, I hadn’t associated the names with vegetables. I make a lot of different soups and I like the combination of vegetables in this one. You certainly picked the names in your story well to go with the recipe. 🙂


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