This is in response to a challenge by Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers ..Week beginning 04-01-2015

This will be a continuing mini series:

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“Clown House”

     Garnet and Damon found the perfect place to hide from the militia group.

     As a result of the militia training, mentally they were grown men, but in reality they were still kids. They had to earn money for food, housing and stay hidden for a while. Before they were kidnapped, they always entertained the neighborhood children with their comical acts. Clowning around came natural to them.

     The clown house was quite unique.  The hand served as a hallway leading into the house. Each ear was a bedroom and the eyes were windows.  The nose was used for storage.  The mouth was a living-room and kitchen area with teeth-like curtains.  There was a red carpet shaped like a tongue and in the back of the head was a small bathroom.

    They had an ideal camouflage house, camouflage work, and earned enough income to live off of.

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