This is in response to a challenge by Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers ..Week 2/25/15

This will be a continuing mini series:

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Chapter 2   Kidnapped


Thank you Vanessa Rodriquez for the nice photo prompt.


         Garnet and Damon were walking down the hill when someone told them to turn around.  They turned around and were held at gunpoint.  They recognized two men from the militia group; Crazy Eddie and Cross-Eyed Jack.

          Crazy Eddie ordered them to get in the white van parked on the side of the road. He told them they were not getting away with killing Mr. Marshall.

          Garnet told him Mr. Marshall caused his own death.  He came charging towards them with a pole expecting them to stand still like they had to do during training.  However, that time they stepped aside just as he approached them.  He crashed through the plate glass window and fell to his death.

          Garnet and Damon gave each other the “eyeball signal“, then as fast as a speeding bullet, Garnet kicked Crazy Eddie in the head at the same time Damon kicked Cross-Eyed Jack in the head.

          Garnet and Damon escaped before Crazy Eddie recovered the gun he dropped.


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