“The Path To Safety”

This story is being submitted for the challenge, “Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.”


As  Martha drove toward the path she could picture the house at the end of it.  She immediately had a feeling of peace within her.

She was so excited she immediately telephoned her brother Todd, to share her excitement with him. Together, they had planned to dedicate the house in loving memory of their younger brother, Joey.

There would be plenty of room for eight children, several adults, and at least two pets. She smiled as warm tears trickled down her cheeks while she visioned “Joey’s Safe House For Children.”

103 Words (not including title)

Copyright © Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

9 thoughts on ““The Path To Safety”

  1. Joey was the sibling that could not endure the kind of life he was forced to live…house dedicated to him by his siblings that managed to survive…longer version…numerous houses of this type were established throughout the United States. This is strictly Fiction, however, I’m sure houses of this type are needed in real life. Sad, but true. If I ever won the lottery….this would be one area where the money would be spent.

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  2. The idea of a safe house for children is a lovely one, made poignant by the fact that it is in memory of a beloved younger brother. It does make me wonder, too, what exactly happened to Joey. A safe house in his memory makes me think something awful happened to him at the hands of his own family. The warm tears are a nice touch too. 🙂

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    • It could also go in the direction of perhaps having lived in a foster care home or several. Safe house gives me the thought of a very organized and closely monitored environment.
      Thank you so much for your reply. I love to get other peoples thoughts in a questionable situation.

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      • Mmm, this is interesting. I, too, first thought that something awful must’ve happened to Joey. But maybe he died under “normal yet still sad” circumstances. Maybe it was old age or something; and Martha just has a youthful spirit. Maybe Joey had a dream to create a stable, nurturing environment, like the one he and his siblings were blessed with, but he’d never fulfilled that dream. I love how many possibilities there are to this one piece!


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