What’s Going On Behind The Green Door?

I know it is after midnight, but I just can’t sleep!  I would probably be sleeping now if that music wasn’t so loud.

The neighbors are always having parties and , of course, someone is playing that Green Door song again. That sure is a loud piano.

Maybe I can sneak up to the window and see what’s going on.

Gee! I can  hardly see anything. There is an awful lot of smoke in there, but the people don’t seem to mind. Everyone is singing and laughing.

These bushes are scratching my arms and their still dripping wet from the rain. I might as well go back home.

Someone just turned on the porch light. Maybe they see me. I better crawl passed these bushes.

Good, I made it back without being caught. When the porch light was on I noticed that the front door was green. Maybe that’s why they like that Green Door song so much.

Copyright © Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

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