A piece from my Memory Box:

It’s Wednesday morning which means I will have my picture taken at school today. First graders always get their picture taken first.

I wonder what I should wear? Maybe I should wear the blue and dark brown dress mama made me. I love the colors and the buttons she sewed on are really pretty. I hope I get to wear my new shoes today. They will match the color of my dress, and I know how much mama likes for things to match!

I wish I could have some bangs.  Everyone at school has bangs. Mama thinks my face is too round, so I wouldn’t look good in bangs.  I think she is wrong. If she saw me with bangs I bet she would like them.  I think my picture would look better if I had some bangs.

Maybe I could cut me some bangs while mama is outside hanging up the clothes to dry.  I know where she keeps the scissors.  I will get them and cut me some bangs before she comes back in the house.

These scissors are kind of big for my hands, but I think I can cut my hair with them.  I can just comb some hair down on my face and cut it short and that will make me some bangs.

Yes, I think that’s short enough and I really do look good in bangs.  I have wanted these for a very long time.

Maybe I should wait to tell mama about my bangs.  I will just comb my hair to the side and she won’t know about them.

I better hurry up and eat so I can go to school.  I want to make sure I get my picture taken today.

Mama’s looking at me kind of strange.  She’s coming up to me with a comb and a mirror! Oh no!

Now I get the questions. “When did you do this?”  “Do you know how bad it looks?”  “The bangs are very crooked and you are suppose to get your school picture taken today.”

I guess I didn’t hide them very good.  She sees everything!  And, it didn’t do me any good to dig that hole in the ground on the side of the house and bury the hair that I cut off.

Mama trimmed my bangs and I will get my picture taken at school today.  I can’t wait to show all my friends my new bangs!

2015-02-10 22.19.50


Copyright © Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

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