“WAIT”…A day in my life…

I was thinking about some of the daily routines that people experience every day and what is needed to accomplish them. Just imagine the time spent on WAIT!

Here is one of mine:

  1. Turn on the control knob for hot water and, Wait for the water to turn hot.
  2. Put bread in toaster and, Wait for it to cook.
  3. Turn coffee maker on and, Wait for coffee to brew.
  4. Start to drive out of the driveway and, Wait for cars to pass.
  5. Stop at stoplight and, Wait for light to turn green.
  6. Pull into a parking lot and, Wait for a vehicle to pull out of parking space.
  7. Push elevator button and, Wait until door opens.
  8. Step into elevator and, Wait until it reaches the desired floor and door opens.
  9. Sign in at the doctor’s office and, Wait to be called into examining room.
  10. Enter a department store and, Wait for an empty dressing room so I can try on some clothing.
  11. Stand in line and, Wait to pay for merchandise.
  12. Take vehicle to auto shop and, Wait for some maintenance to be done on it.
  13. Stand in line at restaurant and, Wait to be taken to a table.
  14. Sit and, Wait for waitress to take food order.
  15. Give waitress food order and, Wait for it to be served.
  16. Take food order bill and, Wait in line to pay it.
  17. Make a phone call and, Wait for someone in the right department to answer.
  18. Have hairdresser wash and style hair and, Wait for her to finish with it.
  19. Drive up to a railroad track crossing and, Wait for train to pass.
  20. One more thing……WAIT a minute while I think of it!

Copyright © Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

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