Buffalo Bluff

The buffalo looked huge, mean, sappy, Buffalo 1and a little scruffy while sticking it’s tongue out and standing on three legs.

There had been a lot of talk about Buffalo Bluff over a period of a few short weeks.  It was a master at capturing everyone’s attention.

People came from miles away just to take a picture of it.  After all, it was like no other buffalo they had ever seen.

It became famous the day it arrived in Peaceful Lands. There had been many stories told about it, but only Buffalo Bluff knows the real story.

How did it lose one of it’s legs? Why does it stick it’s tongue out all the time?  How did it lose it’s buffalo wings?  Is it the face that is on some nickles?  Was Buffalo, N.Y. named after it? Did it really go off a buffalo run?  Is it’s real name Buffalo Bill?

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wpid-photo-20150216113911810I was driving through a town I use to live in many years ago and I noticed the Main Street Book store was still in business. It sure brought back a special memory for me. 

I had worked there when I was sixteen and a guy named Taylor use to come in every day and buy a book.  After a few weeks I got up the nerve to ask him if he was really reading all the books he bought.  He just smiled and said it was a chance see someone he really admired and was working up the nerve to ask this person to go on a date with him.  I looked perplexed at this explanation and that was when he reached for my hand and placed a small velvet rose in my palm.  Then, I saw the words written on it with black ink…”will you please go on a date with me?”

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“Greatest Scare Of My Life”

After loading three trucks with merchandise I finally clocked out of work at three A.M. When I got home I just collapsed on the couch. I felt like my whole body had been tortured. My eyes were puffy as marshmallows and my head was throbbing so bad it seemed like there was a forty-two piece band playing in it. My legs were hurting so bad, I could not even begin to describe the pain. Amazingly enough, my back wasn’t giving me any trouble.

Just as I was drifting off to sleep I heard someone knocking on the front door. As I struggled to get up, my foot got caught on the rug and I fell to the floor. I used the coffee table to steady myself as I managed to get to my feet.

As I opened the front door, I was confronted by two police officers. One was shinning a flashlight in my face and asking me if my name was Robert. I said, “yes”, although my real name is Rob, but a lot of people seem to want to call me Robert.

The other police officer stepped forward while saying, “ok, we got him”. I was immediately handcuffed and told that I was under arrest. I asked, what for, and he said, “for murder”.

I told them I had not murdered anyone! They read me my rights and ushered me to the squad car. Without answering any of my questions they drove me to the police station. I was finger printed and my picture was taken with the number RB42 in front of me.

I was taken to a holding cell, locked up, and told that someone would be back for me. As I looked around I saw two other men in the cell with me. One man had tattoos all over his neck and arms. He was missing three front teeth and he had the odor of a skunk. The other man must have weighted three hundred pounds! He had a long beard and did not smell any better than the other man.

Both men were approaching me and I began to backup. All of a sudden, they lurched at me and I was thrown on top of one of the cots in there. I felt something really hard hit my head, and that is when I jerked awake and realized I had been having a horrible nightmare! I had grabbed the lamp that was sitting on the end table, causing it to crash onto my head and that woke me up.

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Our Days Together…”Goodbye”

The time has come,
NationsBank is done,
With keeping Area Admin here.

My thoughts go out,
To the many days about,
When we were working together.

At first we were few,
And then we all grew,
To a very large number.

We worked together,
We ate together,
We shared our thoughts each day.

The times were good,
The times were many,
And we thought it would always be.

But now we must face,
The reality with grace,
And say goodbye to all.

May we all succeed,
And one day read,
That everyone is well and happy.

For I know in my heart,
That we will always talk,
Of the wonderful days bygone.

So I say to my friends,

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I thought of what to do,
I thought of where to go,
I began my hunt with zeal!

The day was picked,
The time was chosen,
My nerves felt a little frozen!

The door was before me,
I hoped they would adore me,
The interview was about to begin.

They said, “where have you worked?”
They said, “what have you done?”
They asked me to explain.

I’ve worked at a bank,
I’ll have to be frank,
The jobs were quite a few.

When they gave me the cue,
I listed a few,
And then continued on.

They looked at me now,
And then I knew how,
This interview would end the “hunt”

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What’s Going On Behind The Green Door?

I know it is after midnight, but I just can’t sleep!  I would probably be sleeping now if that music wasn’t so loud.

The neighbors are always having parties and , of course, someone is playing that Green Door song again. That sure is a loud piano.

Maybe I can sneak up to the window and see what’s going on.

Gee! I can  hardly see anything. There is an awful lot of smoke in there, but the people don’t seem to mind. Everyone is singing and laughing.

These bushes are scratching my arms and their still dripping wet from the rain. I might as well go back home.

Someone just turned on the porch light. Maybe they see me. I better crawl passed these bushes.

Good, I made it back without being caught. When the porch light was on I noticed that the front door was green. Maybe that’s why they like that Green Door song so much.

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A piece from my Memory Box:

It’s Wednesday morning which means I will have my picture taken at school today. First graders always get their picture taken first.

I wonder what I should wear? Maybe I should wear the blue and dark brown dress mama made me. I love the colors and the buttons she sewed on are really pretty. I hope I get to wear my new shoes today. They will match the color of my dress, and I know how much mama likes for things to match!

I wish I could have some bangs.  Everyone at school has bangs. Mama thinks my face is too round, so I wouldn’t look good in bangs.  I think she is wrong. If she saw me with bangs I bet she would like them.  I think my picture would look better if I had some bangs.

Maybe I could cut me some bangs while mama is outside hanging up the clothes to dry.  I know where she keeps the scissors.  I will get them and cut me some bangs before she comes back in the house.

These scissors are kind of big for my hands, but I think I can cut my hair with them.  I can just comb some hair down on my face and cut it short and that will make me some bangs.

Yes, I think that’s short enough and I really do look good in bangs.  I have wanted these for a very long time.

Maybe I should wait to tell mama about my bangs.  I will just comb my hair to the side and she won’t know about them.

I better hurry up and eat so I can go to school.  I want to make sure I get my picture taken today.

Mama’s looking at me kind of strange.  She’s coming up to me with a comb and a mirror! Oh no!

Now I get the questions. “When did you do this?”  “Do you know how bad it looks?”  “The bangs are very crooked and you are suppose to get your school picture taken today.”

I guess I didn’t hide them very good.  She sees everything!  And, it didn’t do me any good to dig that hole in the ground on the side of the house and bury the hair that I cut off.

Mama trimmed my bangs and I will get my picture taken at school today.  I can’t wait to show all my friends my new bangs!

2015-02-10 22.19.50


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“WAIT”…A day in my life…

I was thinking about some of the daily routines that people experience every day and what is needed to accomplish them. Just imagine the time spent on WAIT!

Here is one of mine:

  1. Turn on the control knob for hot water and, Wait for the water to turn hot.
  2. Put bread in toaster and, Wait for it to cook.
  3. Turn coffee maker on and, Wait for coffee to brew.
  4. Start to drive out of the driveway and, Wait for cars to pass.
  5. Stop at stoplight and, Wait for light to turn green.
  6. Pull into a parking lot and, Wait for a vehicle to pull out of parking space.
  7. Push elevator button and, Wait until door opens.
  8. Step into elevator and, Wait until it reaches the desired floor and door opens.
  9. Sign in at the doctor’s office and, Wait to be called into examining room.
  10. Enter a department store and, Wait for an empty dressing room so I can try on some clothing.
  11. Stand in line and, Wait to pay for merchandise.
  12. Take vehicle to auto shop and, Wait for some maintenance to be done on it.
  13. Stand in line at restaurant and, Wait to be taken to a table.
  14. Sit and, Wait for waitress to take food order.
  15. Give waitress food order and, Wait for it to be served.
  16. Take food order bill and, Wait in line to pay it.
  17. Make a phone call and, Wait for someone in the right department to answer.
  18. Have hairdresser wash and style hair and, Wait for her to finish with it.
  19. Drive up to a railroad track crossing and, Wait for train to pass.
  20. One more thing……WAIT a minute while I think of it!

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Dear To My Heart

 garden maze

PHOTO PROMPT  copyright Melanie Greenwood

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields – Addicted to Purple

Friday Fictioneers, February 2015

    My husband and I were out walking one afternoon and came across this beautiful labyrinth. He persuaded me to walk through it with him to get to the quaint little gazebo at the end of it.

     Just as we got to the gazebo I saw a cute little table with a place setting for two, candles, wine glasses and some red roses. At that moment he turned to me and said, “happy 25th anniversary darling.”

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When I was four years old my father brought home a little rat terrier puppy.  He came in the house with her in his coat pocket. He wanted to name her Duchess.  I could not pronounce Duchess very well. I called her Brownie. After all, she was brown in color. Eventually, she became known as Brownie.

My sister and I use to dress Brownie in our doll’s clothes. They were not a perfect fit, but we thought she looked cute wearing them. She didn’t seem to mind our doing this but she was only co-operative for a short time. We tried to put her in a baby doll carriage, however, she would have no part of  that!

Brownie would lay on the footstool we had in the living-room. If one of us put our feet beside her, she would wiggle against our feet trying to remove them from the footstool. She always claimed the footstool as her own.

One year shortly before Christmas while our mother was outside, Brownie walked across the living-room floor and that was when the Christmas tree fell to the floor. Christmas bulbs and decorations went in all directions. My sister and I told our mother how the Christmas tree fell, but we think she was a little skeptical of our explanation.

One morning we noticed that Brownie was not around so we went to look for her.  We found her in her bed and she looked very ill.  She was unresponsive to us.  Our older sister took her to the veterinarian. She had to leave her there for treatment. That afternoon we went to the veterinarian’s office to check on her condition and see if we could bring her home with us.

I vividly recall us walking into the veterinarian’s office that afternoon.  My older sister spoke with a man working there. She asked him if Brownie was better and if we could take her home.

The man casually looked up from what he was doing and said, “oh! that dog, she died. We were not able to help her.”

We were so shocked!  I could hardly breathe. I remember running out of the office and getting back in the car sobbing . That was one of the worst moments of my life.

I often think back on that day and wonder how someone could be so insensitive as to tell a family about the death of their pet in that manner.

We had our beloved Brownie for eight wonderful years.

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