Fear At Ten

When I was ten years old I decided to go with a friend to the grocery store even though there was a threatening storm coming.

We carried an umbrella with us and before we were half way to the store, it started raining. At first there was just a slight drizzle but then things turned really ugly, and it began to pour. Along with the rain came wind and lighting. The sky became a very dark blue and it felt like it was night time, although it was actually in the afternoon. As the wind blew against us we had a very difficult time walking and keeping our balance. We pushed our way forward, only to be pushed back by the strong force of the wind. It was extremely difficult to see where to walk. The rain beating down on us was so strong that it not only blew our umbrella inside out, but caused us to fall on the ground. We struggled together trying to get back up on our feet. The lighting looked like dozens of zigzag lines flashing all around us, and the thunder made it sound like we were in a war zone.

As soon as we managed to stand, we were knocked back down by the force of the wind.  We were, however, able to get on our hands and knees and crawl over to a nearby house.  As we reached the side of the house we sat leaning against it and helplessly clung together with our heads pressing on each other. We were in desperate need of comfort and assurance that we would live through this, and see another day.

Sitting there trembling with fear, things were blowing against us and a lawn chair seem to come from nowhere and swiped us across the arms as it blew by. We not only sustained a large cut on our arms, but had leaves, dirt and small twigs clinging to our hair.

Amazingly, the storm disappeared as quickly as it had come. The rain continued but the wind died down to a slight breeze and we could see daylight once again.

We looked up at the sky and saw the most beautiful rainbow that we had ever seen before. At that moment, we began to cry from relief and pure joy!

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