Act Of Kindness

A woman went to the dentist to get her dentures repaired.

  The dentures were examined and she was quoted the price of the repair. She did not have this amount of money to spend, so she declined the repair.

   Standing nearby was a gentleman that over-heard the conversation. He spoke with the dentist and expressed his concern for the woman’s situation, then paid for the repair of the woman’s dentures.

     Upon learning of the gentleman’s kindness the woman was so overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude she began to cry.

     She was unable to thank the gentleman because he had already left the dentist office.


If roses are red,

And violets are blue,

What does that say about you?

Your eyes are green,

Your hair is blond,

You are mostly calm.

You like to dance,

But not in France,

A rec center will do.

You stand up tall,

When you are called,

To help someone new.

You paint and draw,

And try to get it all,

Then put it on the wall.

Your happy as punch,

Even without lunch,

As long as you get things done.

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

You’re doing things you want to do.

Copyright © Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved


Jersey lived in New Jersey and that’s how she got her name.  Her parents thought it very fitting to give her that name since she was born in New Jersey and lived on a farm that raised Jersey Cows.

When she was eighty years old she felt very ill so she went to her doctor to find out why.  After extensive testing the diagnosis was the dreaded C word…cancer.

She already had a bad back, weak knees, and the beginning stage of macular.  However, these problems were minor compared to the cancer.  She used a walker to get around and special glasses to help her eyesight.  She had the support of her friends who spent a lot of time with her.

With the onset of pain due to her cancer, Jersey started searching for a solution for what she called an inconvenient problem.  The first thing she did was applied for a certification for her debilitating condition.

One day after receiving the certification she enlisted her friends to help her find a pot shop.  Her friends of course, had problems of their own.  Mabel had a bad hip and always walked with a cane.  Olivia had recently broken her arm and it was in a cast.  Mildred was in the best of shape and although hard of hearing was still able to drive a vehicle.

It was a Monday morning when they pulled out of the driveway in their search of a pot shop.  After getting on the highway Mildred became distracted with all the chatter between Jersey, Mabel, and Olivia and she failed to watch the speed she was driving.  Consequently, all the chatter came to a screeching halt when they heard the siren and saw the flashing blue lights!

The police officer approached the car, looked inside, and asked Mildred for her driver’s license.  Since Mildred could hardly hear, she kept asking him to repeat his question and that is when he became agitated.  Mildred got nervous and she began to shake with fear.  Olivia took Mildred’s purse and gave the license to the police officer.

The police officer realized that it would be best to check her license, give her a warning about her speeding and have her friends relay that message to her.  He took note of the fact that he was dealing with a woman that could not hear very well and one woman with a cast on her arm, another holding a cane in her lap and the fourth woman was trying to explain something about their mission of finding a shop.  He never understood what kind of shop and at that point it really didn’t matter to him.  He walked back to his squad car shaking his head!

Mildred drove off and they were on their way again.  They saw several buildings but could not tell which one was the pot shop so Mildred pulled into a parking lot and they decided to walk to each building to see where the pot shop was.

Jersey had a hard time getting her door open, so Olivia got out and was going to help, but could not get it opened since her stronger arm was the one that was in a cast.  Mabel was still trying to get out of the car.

It took Mildred a long time to get out of the car because she had a hard time getting her seat belt unhooked.   She finally made it to the other side of the car and was able to open the door for Jersey.  She also took Jersey’s walker out of the car and after unfolding it, she saw where a screw was loose on one side of it.  This was hazardous and she had no way of fixing it, but remembered she had a roll of duct tape in the trunk of the car.  She got the duct tape and wrapped what seemed like miles of it all around the loose side of the walker in trying to make it sturdy.

They were finally on their way to check the buildings and the first one was a tobacco shop, the next one was a card shop, and the next one a thrift shop.  Olivia stepped inside the thrift shop and asked where they might find a pot shop.  The saleslady looked at her in a strange way but pointed up the street.

Just as Olivia stepped back outside she saw Jersey, Mildred, and Mabel pointing up the street and yelling pot shop, pot shop, it’s up there!

After walking to the pot shop, they were all exhausted and decided to just sit on the bench that was outside of the shop so they could rest for a while.

It was now late in the day and the weather had begun to change and the sun disappeared and the clouds took over the sky.  It began to rain and the four of them were soaking wet before they managed to even get up and walk into the shop.

With their hair plastered to their heads and their clothes clinging to their body, they looked and felt bedraggled.  They heard a voice from the back of the store say, “well, well, look what the rain brought in.” A man came out and asked them if he could help them.  Jersey told him she had a medical certification and wanted to buy some pot to help relieve her of pain caused by the cancer.

After paying for the pot, the man told her she would need to get the items needed to use the pot, but he did not sell them.  However, the store across the street did.

Jersey, Mildred, Mabel, and Olivia began making their way across the street and just as they reached the curb, a car came by which caused them to be splashed with water and mud.  Nevertheless, that did not stop them from their mission.  They proceeded to go inside and buy what they needed.

Their luck finally turned good.  They were able to buy the pot, the items needed to go with it, and there was even a nice young woman that graciously drove them to their car.

Within a week, Jersey was planning another trip to the pot shop with her friends.

Copyright © Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

“I AM”

I am cold in the winter and hot in the summer

I wonder how many people I will see this year

I hear crying

I want to help

I am cold in the winter and hot in the summer

I pretend to be a part of magic

I feel I could travel forever

I touch people’s feelings

I worry if I’m going in the right direction

I cry because I’m tired

I am hot in the winter and cold in the summer

I understand I’m a real value

I say let’s do it again

I dream of becoming famous

I try to make a happy ending

I hope I can do this forever

I am cold in the winter and hot in the summer

          QUESTION:    WHO AM I ?      (what Thing am I) 

Answer…Wagon at a children’s nursery school

Copyright © Written by Jessie Cross ~ All rights reserved

Fear At Ten

When I was ten years old I decided to go with a friend to the grocery store even though there was a threatening storm coming.

We carried an umbrella with us and before we were half way to the store, it started raining. At first there was just a slight drizzle but then things turned really ugly, and it began to pour. Along with the rain came wind and lighting. The sky became a very dark blue and it felt like it was night time, although it was actually in the afternoon. As the wind blew against us we had a very difficult time walking and keeping our balance. We pushed our way forward, only to be pushed back by the strong force of the wind. It was extremely difficult to see where to walk. The rain beating down on us was so strong that it not only blew our umbrella inside out, but caused us to fall on the ground. We struggled together trying to get back up on our feet. The lighting looked like dozens of zigzag lines flashing all around us, and the thunder made it sound like we were in a war zone.

As soon as we managed to stand, we were knocked back down by the force of the wind.  We were, however, able to get on our hands and knees and crawl over to a nearby house.  As we reached the side of the house we sat leaning against it and helplessly clung together with our heads pressing on each other. We were in desperate need of comfort and assurance that we would live through this, and see another day.

Sitting there trembling with fear, things were blowing against us and a lawn chair seem to come from nowhere and swiped us across the arms as it blew by. We not only sustained a large cut on our arms, but had leaves, dirt and small twigs clinging to our hair.

Amazingly, the storm disappeared as quickly as it had come. The rain continued but the wind died down to a slight breeze and we could see daylight once again.

We looked up at the sky and saw the most beautiful rainbow that we had ever seen before. At that moment, we began to cry from relief and pure joy!

Stress Reliever

Stillness with meditation is an activity that calms the mind an keeps it focused on the present. It is effective in controlling anxiety, enhancing the immune system, and reducing conditions such as high blood pressure.

During mindfulness meditation the mind becomes aware of but does not react to the wide variety of sensations of feelings and images tied in with a current activity.

Become more focused and aware, so your mind and body can be at the same place at the same time.

Brain scans have shown that mindfulness meditation increased gray matter in brain areas associated with learning, memory and compassion, and a decrease in the part of the brain linked to anxiety and stress.

The U.S. Department of Education is now funding a major study on how mindfulness can help teachers cope with the pressures of overburdened classrooms.

Mindfulness can help you reconnect with your body’s cues for hunger and satisfaction. A study published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior found that learning mindfulness strategies helped participants eat more slowly, and eat up to 300 fewer calories a day.

Mindfulness can be done anywhere. Sit in silence and concentrate on your breathing. Breathe slowly and deeply. If your mind wonders, just bring all of your attention to your breathing. Just doing this for ten or fifteen minutes a day will be very beneficial.

Women’s Hair Loss

If you are experiencing hair loss, you are among the 1/3 of women who suffer from this in their lifetime.  The average hair loss per day is about 100 strands, however, there are many women who lose their hair at a much greater rate.

Some causes for hair loss is often times due to certain types of medication like vitamin A, anticoagulants, hormones, antidepressants and heredity.  Health issues can also be a factor.  You could have thyroid problems, poor circulation, acute illness, skin disease, diabetes, poor diet or anemia.  Hair straightening and coloring can also cause hair loss.  Some people have alopecia, which is baldness or loss of hair. Some scientists believe the body’s immune system mistakes hair follicles for foreign tissue and attacks them.

Supplements such as biotin, zinc, marine protein and B complex can help in dealing with thinning hair and hair loss. Good food sources of biotin include brewer’s yeast, brown rice, bulgur, green peas, lentils, oats, soybeans, sunflower seeds and walnuts.

Having a proper diet can also be very beneficial. Include fish, nuts, lean meats, vegetables and fruit in your diet. Fruits and vegetables contain flavonoids, many of which are antioxidants that may provide protection for the hair follicles and encourage hair growth. Eliminate grains and sugar from your diet.

Make sure you get enough sleep and keep your stress level down.

When you shampoo your hair, always wash it at least twice and do it gently. Use shampoos and conditioners that contain biotin and silica. Conditioners containing chamomile, marigold, ginseng, and/or passionflower help to keep hair healthy as well.  Wash it in cold water once a week and use natural oils to nourish and lubricate the hairs scalp. Pure peppermint essential oil rubbed in the roots of your hair will stimulate the hair follicles. It is best to use a wide tooth comb when your hair is wet and pat your hair dry and squeeze out remaining moisture with a towel before combing. Massage your scalp daily.

Sometimes even a different hair style can change your look and make your hair appear to have less hair loss.

When using a flat iron to straighten your hair always use a product with heat thermal protection and if you use hair spray be sure it has UV protection in it.

While you are working on getting a fuller head of hair there are products that can make the areas of your scalp less noticeable.  There are powders that you brush on the scalp in the areas of hair loss, which gives the appearance that there is hair in those areas. These can be purchased at most hair products stores and some drug stores.

Use a hair mask once a month to help increase the quality of your hair which includes strength and shine of your hair. Here is one that you can make yourself:

1 tablespoon of coconut oil (put in microwave to melt) , add 1 teaspoon of grape seed essential oil, and for light hair…add 1/2 tablespoon of lemon juice or 10 drops of grapefruit essential oil.  Darker hair…add 10 drops of rosemary essential oil.  Mix ingredients and apply on damp hair while mixture is still warm and wrap hair with a warm towel turban (this can be heated with a hairdryer) and put on a shower cap. Leave this on for 15 to 20 minutes, then wash and condition your hair.

It may take several months to really see the results, but it will be worth it!

The Rescue

I watched as the tightly cellophane wrapped head floated on the water along the ditch. My first thought as the wind blew cold rain on me was complete despair.

My responsibility had been to go to the grocery store and buy a few things with what little money that was given to me. My family struggled just to make ends meet each month, as did so many other families in our neighborhood. Every penny was to be used wisely.

Returning from the grocery store I had fallen down and dropped the bag of groceries I was carrying. I tried to stand, but could not get my footing and slipped further down the bank of the ditch. I was covered with mud, wet leaves and twigs. I managed to grab hold of a small tree. My fingers were bearing down on the rough tree bark as I used the full force of my strength to pull myself up.

In the short time while I struggled to stand, I was thinking about what a great loss it would be to lose that lettuce!

With a renewed sense of urgency, I quickly picked up my opened umbrella, ran along the bank of the ditch and swiftly scooped up the head of lettuce with it. I walked back to where I had dropped the grocery bag and carefully placed the lettuce in the bag.

I continued my journey home with a big smile on my face as I happily skipped along the path singing that well known song called “Singing In The Rain.”